Golf Tournament

Upon receiving the worst news a family could ever embrace, one of our immediate thoughts was to find a way to memorialize Zach’s name and life. With golf being his favorite sport, we felt an annual golf tournament was the best way to honor Zach’s memory. Only six months after his death, we held the first annual Zachary D. Smith Golf Tournament in June of 2010.

It is our goal to keep the golf tournament going for many, many years. The funds raised during this event are all contributed to the Zachary D. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Thank you to all who take part and contribute to this amazing event!!!

Golf Family
Family Members of Zach Smith Golf Tournament


2010 Tournament Winners

2010 Tournament Winners
Alex Fitzpatrick, Josh Snowden, Brian Friedland, Dan Argentieri


2011 Tournament Winners

2011 Tournament Winners
Rob Roser, Chris McCormick, Mike Maxson, Cragg Chaffee


2012 Tournament Winners

2012 Tournament Winners
Brennan Canty, Kevin Conklin, Bryan Canty, Dan Roser


2013 Tournament Winners

2013 Tournament Winners
Dan Roser, Kevin Conklin, Scott Carroll, Brennan Canty


2014 Tournament Winners

2014 Winners
Dave Freeland, Nancy Freeland, Tom Freeland, Mark Prete


2014 Hole-in-One Winner

Tom Freeland, Hole-in-One
Tom Freeland, Hole-in-One Winner, Hole #9
Jeep Wranger Winner
Tom Feeland made a Hole-in-One, winning a 2014 Jeep Wrangler generously donated by Maple City Dodge of Hornell, New York


2015 Tournament Winners

Scott Carroll, Brennan Canty, Andrew Hynes, Brad Irvin


2016 Tournament Winners

Michael Caruso, Cullen Baker, Angelo Caruso, and Alex Fitzpatrick


2017 Tournament Winners

Alex Fitzpatrick, Troy Allen, Cullen Baker, Michael Caruso


2018 Tournament Winners

2018 Tournament Winners
Michael Bradley, Brad Giglio, Jimmy Giglio, and J.R. Emo


2019 Tournament Winners

2019 ZDS Golf Tournament Winners
Alex Fitzpatrick, Angelo Caruso, Cullen Baker, Shane Gleason


2020 Tournament Winners

2020 ZDS Golf Tournament Winners
Matt Duso, Dan Roser, Brennan Canty, Scott Carroll


2021 Tournament Winners

2021 ZDS Golf Tournament Winners
Kevin Conklin, Dan Roser, Brennan Canty, Scott Carroll